Friday, January 22


Hello, so obviously this is my first blog post. I'm not really too sure what to say so I think I will tell everyone a little bit about myself. I am in my second year of college but I will be graduating with a bachelor of arts in psychology next semester. I am an assistant researcher in a psychology clinic and I love it (even if it does become a bit depressing from time to time). I'm going to be applying to grad schools in the near future which should be a fun little adventure. I am mostly interested in child and abnormal psychology. I really find dissociative disorders interesting, but we will get into that later.

Life is crazy but I get by. My two best friends, Dana and Steph help me survive. My mother is my rock even if she is always on the verge of driving me insane. My mom actually had a baby about a year ago and that little devil is the cutest thing on the face of this earth. She has just discovered running and I hear that she chases everyone around. I don't get to see her very often because I started college about four months before she was born, but when I get the chance it is the greatest thing ever. I have four sisters and one brother and I am in the middle. :( I have a wonderful boyfriend named Shane and we've been together for nearly three years.

So with all of that, let the blogging begin...


  1. ^ .^ Yay! I'm excited that you started one!

  2. Hahaha awwww! I have a comment! I am too! It should be fun

  3. Oh yes, it is hard to know what to say and how to say it at first, but just you wait a month or so, and you'll get into the swing of the bloggin' thing :)
    Psychology must be so fascinating! Hmmm, maybe you could do an "ask Jessica" feature, and we can offload all our problems on to you, hehe :D
    Best of luck anyhoo, and have fun blogging!