Wednesday, January 27

Project: Assistance Required

Hey so my research and methodologies psych class is requiring that we do a project where we create our own ((fake)) research study! Yaahhh ::insert sarcasm:: So my idea was based on all those infomercials and ads that say, "Play Mozart while you're pregnant and your baby will be a genius!" You know the ones I'm talkin about. So here's the official title of my project: The effects of external stimuli during prenatal development on the child's IQ. It sounds wordy but I had to make sure I got everything in there. And when I say "external stimuli" I mean things like music, reading, and television. so..yeah. Today I woke up at 8:00 to go meet with a psychology research assistant to help with find some sources. We spent 4 hours in that dang library and all we could find, that was academic, was the effects of drug abuse and the mothers psychological disorders on the babies IQ. Grrrrr. I'm really attached to this topic but if I can't find any resources, it may be going down the drain. Post your comments, questions, concerns and suggestions. I could use some help on this one.

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  1. Does it have to be a book source? Can it be a doctor's journal or online source? Can A psychologists or doctors opinion be a source?

    I really hope you get to do this, I know it sucks to do a topic you don't like, hard to get into it. Wish you luck!!