Monday, January 25

Musical Mondays

So I decided to borrow an idea from a friend and share some of my favorite music with you, one day a week. This last week I have been listening to a lot of music from this one album called "Dark Was the Night". It is a compilation album done for the benefit of the Red Hot Organization which works to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS. In all honesty thats not why I started to listen to it. One of the artists on the album, Bon Iver, is one of my all time favorite artist but he's only put about 15 songs out ever. When I found out that he had contributed two new songs to this album I got interested. When I looked into I also found that Iron and Wine, Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie), Grizzly Bear, Feist and Jose Gonzalez had all contributed tracks to the album. I was sold. If you've never heard of these artists and you like mellow/indie/music you could hear in a coffee house you should definitely check them out. I recommend "Die", "Big Red Machine", and "Train Song".


  1. Oh I just found your blog; lovely! I am studying psychology as well and I haven't seen many of us blogging out here so I'll definitely be coming back!